Qualitative tomato paste since 1934
These days in Hungary, for most housekeepers, the concept of tomato paste means the brand of Aranyfácán. Our Company produces the Aranyfácán tomato paste since 1934 in unchanged form and quality. It's a traditional Hungarian product acknowledged worldwide for its taste and color, serving every criteria of healthy nourishment.

We offer the tomato provided health and the real preservative-free taste for our customers in inland and at abroad.

Our products are available from 70 g to 4550 g in tin cans, in 370 ml bottles and as well as in 220 kg aseptic sacks for industrial use.

Paste Sauces
510 g
Tomato Passata
500 ml
Ketchup sauces
540 g
Tomato paste
150 g
Tomato paste
400 g
Tomato paste
360 g
Our history
Hatvan and its surrounding area is located in a river valley between the North Central Mountains and the Great Plains, where gardening cultures have centuries-old traditions, was proved to be really suitable for growing high-quality tomatoes.

The history of the Cannery started at the 1st of August in 1934, at the time of the economic crisis. The owner of the Cannery needed to try new grounds to remain competitive with his products. Therefor he started the production of the tomato paste.

Thus, the Cannery was established in 1934 to process the raw tomato from the farmland of Nagygombos. Near Nagygombos, golden pheasants were naturalized for hunting purposes, so the name of the farmland’s’ raw tomato to be exported.

After the successful tomato paste export in the previous year, a spectacular trademark was needed, that's how the tomato paste is named ''Aranyfácán'' (golden pheasant in Hungarian), which was accepted as a trademark in the 23rd of august in 1934. The Cannery employed a numerous experienced engineers and technicians, who installed and operated the factory, the division without any external help. Besides, the production of the tomato cannery had the undivided attention of the baron Hatvany family, the owner of the factory.

Due to this fact, the Cannery in Hatvan became one of the best Canneries in Hungary, and its tomato paste attained an excellent reputation in the importing northern countries.

On the 3rd of December in 1935, the factory received the production right of the Aranyfácán trademark from the Sugar Factory.

Since then, the 'Aranyfácán' trademark is registered in more than 70 countries.

By the early ‘60s, the factory increased the production quantity as well by producing tomato paste from approximately 60000 tons of raw tomatoes.

After the Cannery of Hatvan reached the capacity for processing 1500 tons of tomatoes a day, the idea of upgrading the production became indeed justified. A significant investment in 1978 enabled to process over 2000 tons of tomatoes a day. By 1979, it is more than 90000 tons of processed tomatoes.

Our company was among the first in Hungary, who introduced the ISO quality control system. Currently, beside ISO 9001, we also operate HACCP system. The products of the cannery are constantly available in many countries' shelves in Eastern- and Western Europe, and in Arabic countries besides the interior market.

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